• Mission Statement

    Just stories is a group of University of Oregon students seeking to make positive change through storytelling. We aim to inspire relationships and provide resources for Oregonians working to improve our shared environment. We highlight the experiences of community leaders addressing herbicides in the framework of human rights and environmental health.

  • Creative Process

    At the center of the Just Stories program is a deep concern and care for the ethics of representation.

    We began our process by examining our own biases to see how our experiences, backgrounds, beliefs, and education interact to influence our perception and portrayal of the stories of others. While we conducted our own outside research on both the issue of herbicides and the individuals involved we also tried to address the burden of proof by validating and honoring the personal testimonies of interviewees. Rather than victimize those who have been impacted, we created a space to listen to their visions of change and hopes for the future. We constructed stories with rather than for communities, and our main goal was to maintain the utmost respect for the experiences of others.

  • Meet Our Team


    Alexander Deck
    alexanderbdeck at gmail.com
    With an area of study in Globalization and Environmental Policy, my goal is to create a career in sustainable building practices and to supplement my work with volunteer work changing policy in interest of the environment. I have a history of small scale farming. My parents own and operate an organic farm in the Eugene area. I have found that the most rewarding work on the farm was in building projects, and I hope to create sustainable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing structures out of natural materials.


    Rowan Hardenbrook
    rowan.hardenbrook at gmail.com
    I am a third generation Oregonian and have really taken an interest in the environmental issues that face our state and its people. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon. Throughout this project I have enjoyed incorporating my photography and writing skills into human rights issues. I am passionate about environmental justice and I plan to remain active in this field as I pursue my law degree next fall.


    Laura Nausieda
    lnausieda at gmail.com
    With a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Anthropology, my major field of interest is in sustainable design and practice as well as with social justice issues associated with environmental change. In the future, I hope to work for a non-profit organization or wildlife foundation. By collaborating with my teammates on this project, I have developed my skills in communication, interviewing, and community outreach, as well as media making including website design, audio recording, videography and photography


    Lauren Rapp
    laurenrapp82 at gmail.com
    Through my participation with creating ‘Drift’ and my involvement within the Environmental Studies program at the University of Oregon, I have become passionate about local environmental justice issues. I aspire to continue working with communities fighting for positive environmental change through the skills I have learned from this project: media making, website design, photography, interviewing skills, lobbying for policy change, and communicating with nonprofits and local community members.

    Arica Sears
    aricasears at gmail.com
    I recently received my Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies at the University of Oregon. My main focuses are on community development, natural resources, and Spanish. I have developed skills in interviewing, community outreach, public relations, and media making.

    Arielle Shamash
    arielleshamash at gmail.com
    Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a minor in Judaic Studies from the University of Oregon, I hope to go into a career incorporating issues of social justice and environmental advocacy.  This class has really opened my eyes to local environmental rights issues and in the future I would like to work with communities to combat negative environmental impacts.

    Emma Sloan
    emmasloan3 at gmail.com
    I am a student of Environmental Science at the University of Oregon. My main focuses include biology, chemistry, as well as environmental policy and environmental management. I have skills in both photography, interviewing, writing and website design. After graduation I hope to travel and work in the nonprofit sector.

    Hope Tejedas
    atejedas at uoregon.edu
    As an Environmental Studies student at the University of Oregon, I strive to engage myself in community and environmental work catering to my creativity and high work ethic. My interests are focused on sustainable design, local policy, and environmental justice; though I love any opportunity to put my energy to help a greater cause. Skills I bring to the Just Stories team include, but are not limited to environmental management and policy, multimedia production, and public relations.

    Marla Waters
    Marla.Waters0 at gmail.com
    As a double major in Environmental and Political Science with a Business minor I hope to graduate in two years with a Bachelor of Science after completing an honors thesis for the Robert D. Clark Honors College at UO. I am interested in using policy to create meaningful environmental change. Before going back to law or grad school I hope to travel for a few years and explore the world.

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